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  • Wear comfortably overnight without stripping hair of moisture
  • Beautiful satin material keeps your hair healthy
  • Comfort-fit design, not too tight "to avoid headaches"
  • Large enough for braids, dreads, extensions etc. 
Set your hair in comfort and style with the "Thick" Satin Bonnet from SB. This beautiful satin bonnet has been designed to hold all types of hair. Whether you choose to tuck away your braids or protect your extensions, our thick satin bonnets can adjust to your style . Our Satin bonnets allow you to keep your style in place overnight, and it works by never stripping your hair of its natural moisture. Our bonnets include a comfortable elastic band for a better fit.

Satin SB Bonnets

  • Hand wash or machine wash on delicate….

    Please use a gentle detergent Ex: “Woolite”….

    Always use cold water…

    DO NOT wring or twist your bonnet after washing…

    Air dry

    If ironing, please use a very low heat setting….


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